Air Head vs. Conventional Composting Toilets

Familiar Design

Since the “Air Head” Composting Toilet is more like a standard home toilet than any other composting toilet, a minimal amount of “potty training” for guests will be necessary. Minor details such as a real toilet seat and lid, “flush lever” location and toilet size, designed to mimic household toilets all contribute to maintaining familiar personal tradition. The ultra-efficient Air Head Composting Toilet does not require users to climb upstairs for use. Whereas non-diverting composting toilets have to be built bigger in size because they are inefficient, requiring extra bulking material to absorb excess liquid. Air Head Composting Toilet is small, yet effective. The Air Head Composting Toilet is a little smaller than the size of a standard home toilet. The ultra-efficient composting chamber handles all of the waste directly beneath the toilet seat. The unit will fit in existing toilet space eliminating the need for remodelling. It will also fit in closets, basements, workshops… anywhere.

The illustrations below represent the approximate sizes and shapes of several leading land-use composting toilets. All of these products lose space-efficiency with their extra internal containers. Air Head Composting Toilet instead uses a thick, rugged, non-permeable solids tank to maximize space savings. With the purchase of extra solids tanks, the system becomes modular, and its capacity significantly increased.

Air Head Dimensions Drawing
Competitor A vs Air Head Drawing
Competitor B vs Air Head Drawing
Competitor C vs Air Head Drawing