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Hello and welcome to the “Air Head” blog. We don’t know what to do with a blog really, but we feel that we should have one.  Maybe we’ll try to impress you with how green we are making our manufacturing, or maybe we’ll use it to totally geek out on presenting the benefits of aerobic bacteria as pets in your home.  Perhaps this is a section for us to display the worst of our bad jokes that surface on a day to day basis, as we are making toilets thereby giving you a glimpse of how life at the “Air Head” toilet making company (Eos Design LLC) really is. Or maybe it’ll be just like many other blogs we see on websites: an intro line like this and then nothing underneath because we are just too busy to write anything down… we aren’t quite sure. Anyway, to avoid that particular pitfall we’ll just start by letting our happy customers speak for us. Below are some of our favorite marine, tiny home, and RV related blogs that love the “Air Head” so much, they just had to write about it.   Tiny House Blog – review Sailing, Simplicity, and the Pursuit of Happiness – review Simply Sailing – review Through the Portlight – Boat Installation – Part 1 Through the Portlight – Boat Installation and review – Part 2 Curtis Westsail – Air Head features Live Small Ride Free – RV Installation – Part 1 Live Small Ride Free – RV Installation – Part 2 Exploratorius – review Narrow Boat Tumbleweed – review       Please follow and like...

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