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What's going on in the Air Head world?

liveaboard sailors

Simplicity at Sea: Why Liveaboard Sailors Are Turning to Composting Toilets

Life onboard a boat is a balance of adventure and challenges. One such challenge are marine heads / toilets. There are many options to choose from; salt water, fresh water, manual, electric, vacuum, and also, composting. The Challenges of Traditional Marine Toilets System & Maintenance Woes Traditional marine toilets, often linked to holding tanks, present […]

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Keep The Smells Away – How to Eliminate Composting Toilet Smells

Composting toilets have gained significant popularity in recent years due to their many benefits compared to traditional models. Many people are now opting for composting toilets because of the eco-friendly operation, off-grid sustainability and other advantages. While these aspects are appealing, many people are concerned with one single issue – composting toilet smells. Modern composting […]

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5 Reasons Why a Composting Toilet Is Perfect For RV Owners

Exploring in an RV is all about freedom, adventure, and embracing the simpler life, all while visiting new, exciting places. But let’s be honest, RVing has one major problem: not knowing where the next public toilets are, or which campsite has the black water facilities. That’s where the composting toilet comes in – a game […]

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Sail Magazine 

I had always been intrigued by the apparent simplicity of composting toilets and began to look at them in more detail a couple of years ago. While listening in at a vendor booth at a boat show, I ran into an experienced voyaging friend who pointed to the composting head in front of us and […]

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The Log of Hagoth

We saw both the Nature’s Head and the Air Head at the Seattle Boat Show in January. Before seeing them in all their rotomolded plastic glory, we were leaning toward the Nature’s Head, primarily because of the lower price. At the show, however, we both changed our minds immediately when we saw them…

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Charles Kanter

Composting toilets are not new. The technology is tried and true, proven over many decades of use in areas where either public sewerage is not available or sanitary septic systems are not feasible.

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