Details & Dimensions

Includes the “Air Head” Composting Toilet unit pictured along with: solids tank lid, fan, fan housing, detachable crank handle, floor mounting brackets, mounting hardware, hose 5′ length, hose connectors, liquid bottle cap, bowl liners (50), peat brick (USA only), enzyme (USA only) $1029 plus shipping.

“Air Head” Composting Toilet is covered by our five-year warranty.


When ordering please specify:

1.   Seat size, (household or marine)

2.  Crank handle side (A or B).  A side is on the left when facing toilet

3.  Right angle or straight fan housing

*A hull shaped version of the solids tank is also available.   This configuration is not in our shopping cart so contact us via phone or email to order.

Marine size seat with flat back or optional, hull shape.


Click on the images below to enlarge.

Marine Seat, flat back

Marine Seat, hull shape

Household Seat


“Air Head” Composting Toilet, front dimensions


 Straight Fan Housing with Mushroom Vent width=

Straight Fan Housing with Clam Shell Vent width=

 Right Angle Fan Housing with Clam Shell Vent width=


Use existing anchor locker. Prevent water from fouling the fan by venting into any available locker with hatch on deck.