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Air Head Advantages

Over conventional products

Higher capacity means more flexibility in emptying
With no moving parts, fewer breakdowns
Superior odor control

Over similar products

Unique diversion system allows emptying of liquids without opening the solids tank
Compact rounded designs fits tighter spaces
air head vs complicated other head toilets

Air Head vs. Conventional Mobile Systems

More Capacity and Flexibility in Emptying

“This changes everything because we are no longer tied to the pump out.”

That testimonial came from a Catalina 30 sailboat owner who annually takes  a two-week cruise with his family on Lake Michigan. During vacations prior to owning their “Air Head” Composting Toilet, this family would plan their trips from one pump out system to the next, thereby significantly limiting the variety of places to cruise because they had to pump out every few days. With the “Air Head”, they now plan trips without having to pump out since the capacity of the “Air Head” Composting Toilet allows them to go two weeks without emptying. RV owners have discovered the same advantage. “Boon docking” no longer has to be limited to what the black tank can hold. One month of full-time use by two people will yield five gallons of non-offensive smelling, semi-composted material which can be further composted in a plastic garbage can. If you need more capacity, a second tank can be used. The urine, generally considered harmless, can be emptied on the ground in rural places.

No More Smelly Hose or Tank

In standard mobile installations flexible hoses are bound to smell over time due to gas permeability of these hoses. In gravity systems, odors from the holding tank can enter into the living space. Our system makes and processes waste with no offensive odors and uses no permeable hoses. Combined with its active venting system, it simply will not smell up the the living area. How many mobile sanitation systems can make this claim?

Infrequent Solids Emptying

The solids tank may hold enough solid matter for a summer season of weekends. This surprising ability to hold so much in so little space is due to the absence of additional liquids and the product’s ability to break down the matter. For weekend use, the “Air Head” Composting Toilet will contain approximately 80 uses. Full-time use, 60 uses or two people for 1 month.

Simple Means Fewer Breakdowns

When rubber parts in standard mobile heads break due to wear, the unit has to be taken apart, exposing you to contamination as a result of passed sewage—not a pleasant experience. The “Air Head” Composting Toilet is predictable and reliable, and it uses no moving rubber parts. With so many complex systems of your boat, it’s refreshing to have one less thing to worry about. Save the rocket science for the radar.

Peace of Mind

The “Air Head” is self-contained. Everything happens directly beneath the toilet seat. There is a certain peace of mind that goes with not having 20 odd gallons of waste sloshing around in a holding tank under your bed as you try to sleep!

For boaters, no thru-hulls… no holes in your boat!

Easier to Purchase

Confused about the myriad of parts? Valves, pumps, hoses, clamps, toilet, tank, vent ports, etc. are necessary for installation of a holding tank. The “Air Head” Composting Toilet is a complete, all-in-one unit for much less than the cost of a holding tank system. Backed by ONE manufacturer.

Air Head vs. Similar Products

How are we better?

In 2001 we pioneered the use of diversion technology for small living spaces. “Air Head” is the first fully self-contained diversion composting system ever developed. Since that time our legacy is thousands of installations in at least five continents. Early on we focused on the most demanding application: marine. More recently our units can be found in anything from off the grid housing to RV’s. We are particularly proud that our vision has become the choice problem solver for many people who want to live with less environmental impact in tiny houses. We feel that our years of experience and commitment set us beyond those companies who have chosen to mimic our technology. That said, there are many differences that make our design more desirable. These may not be immediately apparent, but our comparison is completely transparent for those who are inclined to analyze objectively.

“Air Head” is the only diversion system that allows emptying of the urine bottle without opening the solids tank.

Our smooth, round Solids Tank is easier to empty and clean.

Our rounded design fits in tight spaces better.

Our opaque bottle with sight glass indicates liquid levels – instead of unnecessarily displaying urine.

When removing liquids bottle, their design exposes the Solids Tank and hinders installation against a wall. Our design eliminates both issues.

Air Head vs. Conventional Composting Toilets

Familiar Design

Since the “Air Head” Composting Toilet is more like a standard home toilet than any other composting toilet, a minimal amount of “potty training” for guests will be necessary. Minor details such as a real toilet seat and lid, “flush lever” location and toilet size, designed to mimic household toilets all contribute to maintaining familiar personal tradition. The ultra-efficient Air Head Composting Toilet does not require users to climb upstairs for use. Whereas non-diverting composting toilets have to be built bigger in size because they are inefficient, requiring extra bulking material to absorb excess liquid. Air Head Composting Toilet is small, yet effective. The Air Head Composting Toilet is a little smaller than the size of a standard home toilet. The ultra-efficient composting chamber handles all of the waste directly beneath the toilet seat. The unit will fit in existing toilet space eliminating the need for remodelling. It will also fit in closets, basements, workshops… anywhere.

The illustrations below represent the approximate sizes and shapes of several leading land-use composting toilets. All of these products lose space-efficiency with their extra internal containers. Air Head Composting Toilet instead uses a thick, rugged, non-permeable solids tank to maximize space savings. With the purchase of extra solids tanks, the system becomes modular, and its capacity significantly increased.

Air Head Dimensions Drawing
Competitor A vs Air Head Drawing
Competitor B vs Air Head Drawing
Competitor C vs Air Head Drawing