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Why do our customers love Air Head?

After installing our Airhead in our Ranger Tug, we went on a 10 day cruise into the BC Gulf Islands. Thank you for designing such a great product. I posted our praise on the Tugnut website. Airhead is the first boat toilet we have had that didn’t have any odour! My wife loves it. We no longer dump our maceratored sewage into the Georgia Strait, so that feels good as well. We will sing your praises to all we meet. Too bad that we didn’t get to Bremerton this year so that I could meet you. Cheers Norm Gleadow on “Blue Socks” R25

Norm Gleadow on “Blue Socks” R25

We now have been using it for 8 years. We are doing the Baja HaHa this year. I’ll make sure to let all the cruisers know about AirHeadToilet.

Ari Castano, Advanced Marine Electronics

I have been using the AIRHEAD toilet for 3 years now. First I find the unit very satisfactory over the marine head / holding tank scenario that it replaced on my boat. The urine storage situation is manageable and even if you have to pump it to an onboard tank, it is much more reasonable than have a black tank


After three months of use I have been very pleased to find that your design works very well and that the composting process has proceeded exactly as promised…

Lee Rust

We have an Airhead on our boat – it is fantastic – thank you.

Michael Levy

For the last 2 weeks, we’ve had a guest aboard; she made a quick transition to composting, and was particularly impressed that we weren’t contributing to the sewage in an otherwise pristine anchorage…

Beth & Richard Blackford

I purchased an Airhead for my OutIsland 28 sailboat in 2004. I now have a Prairie 29 trawler and need to install an Airhead, the one on the sailboat worked so well that I want to install it on my trawler. I am a full-time liveaboard. I hate to pump out my holding tank…


I replaced my electric Par with an Airhead, went with them after looking at the other units available on the market. The Airhead has a smaller footprint that fit my head well and didn’t require huge amounts of power to work. Talked with the owner of the company and with reps at boat shows and decided to give it a try.


We have had an Airhead Composting Toilet on our sailboat for over 2 years now, and I can say with much emphasis that we still consider it in the top three items we’ve put on the boat for ease of comfort, simplicity, reliability, and complying with waste laws, which makes it a huge plus for not ever worrying about ANY destination we travel to. Having just recently had to completely re-build a family member’s toilet system (not an Airhead), I can once again say: “I never ever want to be without an Airhead on a boat that I live on!”


I’ve put them in 2 boats and have had one in my off grid camp for 15 years. It is a great product that will last forever and is very easy to maintain. Odor is virtually eliminated with the use of the DC fan and end of season clean out is a breeze. I think it’s and excellent product and recommend it highly.

Cymbrid Hughes

I installed the Airhead toilet in an area of my house where a plumbed toilet was not possible and the Airhead works great. It is super convenient to have a second toilet in the house for part time use without having the expensive of installing a full bathroom.


We’ve had an Airhead in our workshop for about five years and it works perfectly for us! I agree with the benefits that others have mentioned in other reviews: The bottle removal does not require opening the entire unit. Also that the unit has a real seat with rubber seals. But, what I haven’t seen mentioned is the little details such as the captive screws that stay in the toilet housing when a particular component is removed or the fan design that allows flexibility to mount anywhere in the hose run. All of these details combined create a great product!

Tom L