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Why Choose To Go Composting For Your Off-Grid Space?

By eliminating the need for water and chemical treatments, composting toilets significantly reduces your environmental footprint, while also reducing the complexity of your bathroom set up. Generally, composting toilets will improve your day-to-day living experience.

What Toilet Do We Recommend For Off Grid / Tiny-House Installs?


  • Brings Household Comfort, Off-Grid. 
  • Large household sized bowl and comfortable seat.
  • No need to walk liquids through the house again, simply divert urine to a remote tank.
  • The best looking composting toilet on the market
  • No unwanted odors.
  • Best liquids and solids diversion on the market.
  • Use the compost on flower beds and non edible plants.

Why Do Our Customers Love Air Head?

I installed the Airhead toilet in an area of my house where a plumbed toilet was not possible and the Airhead works great. It is super convenient to have a second toilet in the house for part time use without having the expensive of installing a full bathroom.


We’ve had an Airhead in our workshop for about five years and it works perfectly for us! I agree with the benefits that others have mentioned in other reviews: The bottle removal does not require opening the entire unit. Also that the unit has a real seat with rubber seals. But, what I haven’t seen mentioned is the little details such as the captive screws that stay in the toilet housing when a particular component is removed or the fan design that allows flexibility to mount anywhere in the hose run. All of these details combined create a great product!

Tom Leonard

I’ve put them in 2 boats and have had one in my off grid camp for 15 years. It is a great product that will last forever and is very easy to maintain. Odor is virtually eliminated with the use of the DC fan and end of season clean out is a breeze. I think it’s and excellent product and recommend it highly.

Cymbrid Hughes

Designed to provide a comfortable, odorless indoor living environment, perfect for small spaces.


Is the Classic model not suitable for Tiny Homes?

Of course, it has been used and loved by thousands of off-grid users for years! It is tried and tested, reliable, and depending on your use case, all you need. But, our brand new Tejo model has a lot of features that make it the best off-grid toilet on the market.

Yes, all of our toilet installation processes are straightforward, allowing for a simple DIY setup in your tiny home or off-grid cabin.

Tejo is designed to redirect liquid waste to an external tank, offering a more conventional toileting experience while minimizing water use and maintenance.

With a capacity of approximately 80 uses for solids, it can easily last for one month if it is being used by 1-2 people.

By eliminating the need for water and chemical treatments, composting toilets significantly reduces your environmental footprint, supporting sustainable living practices.

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