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Featuring a large bowl and a class-leading urine diversion system, this composting toilet excels by eliminating the front liquid tank, makeing this the best composting toilet on the market.

The All-New Tejo

Meet Tejo, the latest innovation
from the creators of Air Head.

The All New Tejo has finally unlocked household levels of comfort and design to the composting toilet market. Your off-grid experience just got a whole lot better.

Household Design

With a design that mirrors conventional toilets, Tejo offers the most aesthetically pleasing, and most comfortable experience in the composting toilet market.

No Urine Tank

By eliminating the liquids tank from the toilet, Tejo allows you to divert the urine into a remote tank. No more carrying urine through your living space.

Water Tight Seals

Tejo includes the most advanced water-tight seals, making it the best toilet on the market for installations in wet head/shower areas without the worry of leaks or insects ingress.

Why Choose Air Head Toilets?


Ideal for compact spaces, the Air Head ensures a fresh, odor-free atmosphere, perfect for boats, RVs, and tiny homes.

Simple Installation

With its simple design, the Air Head can be set up quickly by anyone, offering a practical upgrade to any space without the fuss.

High Capacity

Despite its compact size, the Air Head boasts an 5 gallon solid tank for up to 80 uses, adaptable for various installation needs.

RVIA Certified

Tejo offers configurations that meet the stringent standards of the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, ensuring your mobile lifestyle is supported by quality and compliance.

Would You Prefer A Urine Tank?

Superior Diversion System

Featuring the best in urine diversion technology, Tejo creates dryer solids for less odor and better compost. 

Customization Options

If you need to customize Tejo, we make it easy:

Crank Handle

Left or Right side

Pick A Side

Choose which side works best for your install. Note: The crank handle position is fixed and not interchangeable after installation.

Fan Housing

Straight or Angled

Direct Your Airflow

The fan should be mounted in a housing directly on a wall or roof to the outside. Choose from a straight or angled fan housing.

Tank Shape

Flat, Hull or Flanged

Match Your Space

The Flat Bottom suits most setups with its versatile design. For RVs. we have a flanged version which is RVIA certified. For Boats, the hull shape allows the toilet to contour with the shape of the hull, getting a more snug fit, and a better install.

RVIA Certified

Certified, or standard

RVIA Version

Our RVIA-certified option ensures Tejo meets the rigorous standards set by the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association. This includes flanged tank, crank handle on the left, and a premium hose. In order to be RVIA compliant, these can not be changed.


Make Sure It Fits In Your Space

Need More Sizing Info?

The Perfect Fit For Your Lifestlye

Every style of install has unique challenges. Find out how we have built the perfect toilets for your lifestyle.


We provide a fan and vent that should be installed to an external wall or ceiling. If on a boat, a common solution it to vent into the anchor locker. For more help with installation, check out our Installation Guide.

By seperating both, It helps to reduce moisture in solid waste, speeding up composting and massively reducing odors. It also helps manage nutrient levels, ensuring a more effienct process. Finally, it reduces the amount of times you will need to empty the solids tank.

Once urine and feces are separated, the solid waste is mixed with a carbon-rich material, like our Coco Peat Bricks, which act as a bulking agent. This mixture creates the perfect environment for aerobic bacteria to thrive. These bacteria break down the waste into compost, a nutrient-rich soil additive, through a natural, odor-free process.

Absolutely! More and more liveaboards are moving to Air Head Toilets because it allows you to be take your boat to areas which are tightly regulated by waste water laws or regular pump outs. It is also much easier to maintain, with fewer moving parts than a traditional manuel or electric head would require, meaning you can carry less spares, and spend less time dealing with toilet problems.

Yes, Air Head Toilets are completely custom. When ordering, you can choose which options suit your install best, allowing you to easily build the toilet around your space.

Check out our dimensions page for more detail!

Optimal composting occurs at temperatures between 55°F (13°C) and 100°F (38°C). Within this range, the aerobic bacteria that break down waste are most active, leading to efficient composting and odor control. At lower temperatures, the composting process slows down, as microbial activity decreases. Conversely, if the temperature gets too high, it can kill the beneficial bacteria or lead to excessive moisture loss, hindering the composting process. The Air Head is designed to maintain a balanced environment for composting, but it’s beneficial to be mindful of external temperatures.

Generally, restrictions will be different depending on location, but typically it is ok to use any compost in flower beds, or in your garden, just don’t use it on anything you plan to eat (fruit or veggies). It is generally permitted to dispose of it in the trash as long as it is in a sealed bag. But you are still advised to consult local authorities to find out if there are any location specific rules to follow.

  1. In general, there are very few things that can go wrong in your system, which makes maintenance great. However, if you are going away for months or years, we recommend that you carry:

    • Fan Replacement: Keeping a spare fan (and electrical wiring) ensures the ventilation system remains operational.
    • Spare Lids: In case you drop or misplace a lid for the liquids, order a few extra.
    • Bulking Agent: While not a “part,” having an extra supply ensures you can maintain the proper composting mix.

    Having these items ensures that you can deal with most maintenance or repair needs without a trip to town, keeping your system running smoothly in off-grid situations.

Yes! Our brand new model, Tejo, has been designed with this in mind. Simply install a hose directly between the Air Head, and your thru-hull (allowing for a vent or loop above water line to prevent sea water coming back in). By eliminating the urine on the toilet, it reduces the amount of time you need to remember to empty the toilet

Yes! There is no better option for RVers, either full time, or weekenders. It opens up so many opportunities to not have to find sites with pump out facilities, or places which sell chemicals. Instead, you are free to roam wherever you want, not planning your route around your toilet!

So, the solids tank can take, on average 80 uses. So, if 2 people use the toilet every day, it will last 1 month. But if 2 people are only using it at weekends, it can easily last a full season. Of course it can be emptied more frequently if you are happy to do so. For liquids it will also depend on usage. But, for 2 people, the small tank will need emptied every 1-2 days, and the large tank will last 2-4 days.

When at home, solids from your Air Head should be emptied into a dedicated compost pile or bin, where they’ll further decompose into usable compost for non-edible plants. Away from home, the solids can be placed in a biodegradable bag and disposed of in a trash receptacle.

The fan is designed to provide continuous air flow, aiding in the composting process and helping to minimize odors by evaporating excess moisture. While it’s generally recommended to keep the fan running to ensure the system operates effectively, it can be turned off for short periods if necessary. Extended periods without the fan may hinder the composting process and could lead to increased odors.

We make it as simple as possible. Clean the unit with natural cleaners to maintain hygiene. Inspect and clean the fan and vent system for unobstructed airflow, and agitate the composting material to aid decomposition. Check the rubber seals for integrity to prevent leaks and odors. Adjusting the bulking agent helps maintain optimal compost moisture. Following these simple routines ensures your toilet remains efficient and hygienic over time.

Winterizing the Air Head Composting Toilet in an RV or boat involves a few key steps to ensure it remains functional and odor-free during colder months:

  1. Empty the Unit: Empty both solids and urine containers before cold weather.
  2. Clean Thoroughly: Use natural cleaners for a thorough clean of the entire unit.
  3. Add Antifreeze: If occassionally in use, add non-toxic antifreeze to the urine bottle.
  4. Maintain Ventilation: Keep the fan and ventilation system running to prevent moisture build-up.
  5. Insulate Pipes/Vents: Insulate external vents or pipes against freezing.
  6. Monitor Moisture: Adjust bulking material addition to manage moisture in colder temperatures.
  7. Use a Heater: In extreme cold temperatures, consider a small heater near the unit to maintain composting temperatures.

Absolutely! We have made the install very user friendly for anyone to be able to have up and running in a few hours. Simply follow our installation guide, here:

Yes, additional hoses can be added to the Air Head Composting Toilet to accommodate longer vent paths. This flexibility allows for customized installation in various settings, including RVs, boats, and off-grid homes, ensuring effective odor control and proper air flow regardless of the distance to the exterior vent point.

It’s best to avoid chemical-based household cleaners, like bleach, in you Air Head as they can disrupt the composting process by killing beneficial bacteria. Opt for natural, non-toxic cleaners like vinegar, baking soda, or eco-friendly products designed for composting toilets. These alternatives keep your toilet clean and ensure the composting system works effectively and safely for the environment.

Our brand new model, Tejo, was built with this in mind. It comes without a urine tank, which allows you to install the urine directly to an existing holding tank. This allows you to go much longer without emptying tanks, improving the whole experience.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Great Eco-Friendly Solution for Off-Grid Living

I recently installed the Air Head Tejo composting toilet in my cabin, and overall, I’m quite satisfied. The installation process was relatively easy, and the unit feels solid and well-made.

One of the best things about the Air Head Tejo is how it effectively manages waste without any noticeable odors, which was a big concern for me. It also uses very little water, making it an environmentally friendly option. The compact design fits well in my small space.

There were a couple of minor issues during installation, but the customer support team was helpful and responsive.

If you’re looking for a sustainable and practical composting toilet, the Air Head Tejo is definitely worth considering.


Enhance Your Setup with Air Head Composting Toilet Accessories.

Additional Solids Tank

Liquid Bottle Cap (2 ea)


Compact 1 Gallon Liquid Bottle


Additional Vent Hose per feet


Wrench adapter

Wrench adapter, for limited width installations


Lead time for this product is 4 weeks