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Licorice Allsorts

My new Airhead Composting Toilet is installed and ready to use…So efficient… Uses no water… Vented with a fan so absolutely no smells.The liquids tank in the front… The crank handle at the side.A handle at each side for lifting out when it needs emptying…After 80 uses..

Charles Kanter

Composting toilets are not new. The technology is tried and true, proven over many decades of use in areas where either public sewerage is not available or sanitary septic systems are not feasible.

The Log of Hagoth

We saw both the Nature’s Head and the Air Head at the Seattle Boat Show in January. Before seeing them in all their rotomolded plastic glory, we were leaning toward the Nature’s Head, primarily because of the lower price. At the show, however, we both changed our minds immediately when we saw them…

Sail Magazine 

I had always been intrigued by the apparent simplicity of composting toilets and began to look at them in more detail a couple of years ago. While listening in at a vendor booth at a boat show, I ran into an experienced voyaging friend who pointed to the composting head in front of us and […]

Minimal K’s

Natures head next to air head

A quick overview of two compost toilet designs and which one we like better. There are technically more compost toilet options on the market, but these two appear to be the most popular among RV owners.

Tiny House Blog

Child on toilet

Which one is better? Well, like everything else in life, it depends on which criteria you’re using to evaluate them. Different folks need different strokes, and there’s no way around that. However…

Driven To Adventures

A composting toilet is a must have for off grid living whether it’s a van, skoolie, RV or tiny house. In this video, we compared to top two composting toilets – the Nature’s Head and the Airhead – and find some very surprising differences!

Road Gear Reviews

Air Head Composting Toilet | Product Review | Eco-Friendly & Compact Composting Toilet For RVs, Boats, and Off-Grid Homes

Sailing, Simplicity, and the Pursuit of Happiness

The idea of a composting toilet on board a boat is a bit strange. We don’t have a garden I kept thinking to myself, so why do we need compost?! But when we saw our friends Airhead, and the simplicity of the system, we realized…

Bussy McBusface

airhead between bussy mcbusface

We basically decided to buy the Airhead composting toilet for a number of reasons that we describe in the video. We are totally stoked to be one step closer to getting into Bussy!