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John & Laurie, Asheville, NC

Just want to send some pics of our install in our 2010 Lance 850 Truck Camper and to brag on how much my wife and I love your product. Just returned from a two week trip to Florida and can’t say enough how pleased we are with this product. Laurie had some concerns at first but was very happy with the functionality of the toilet after using it for the first time. I simply love it. No more black tank! As advertised there was no odour. This made both of us very happy. As you can see from the pics, I had very little room to work with. With the Airhead Toilet dimensions, this was not a problem. Install went well after doing some major work on replacing the existing shower pan and subfloor and redirecting shower drain plumbing into the old black tank which is now classified has my second grey tank. Got to love it. Off-grid and winter camping is now much easier. We will be work volunteers at the Overland Expo East this coming weekend. Will be bragging about your product. Hopefully will bring some interest your way. Thanks again for all your help and an awesome product.

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