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Roger Aue/Brook Delargarza Port Townsend, WA

The two of us have been using the Air Head Toilet for some months now. We installed it on dry land to test its capabilities before committing to installing it on our boat. Our experience has been much as yours — excellent, heavy duty marine construction, virtually no odor except for a couple of days on start up when it was just noticeable. Last week we emptied the solids container (for the first time) by simply dumping it into a plastic sack. It was mostly a nonevent, a small fraction of the hassle of cleaning/working on any other toilet — marine or house. A real plus for this unit has been the relationship and support with the manufacturer. They have gone very far out of their way with good advice and technical support to make sure the unit worked properly. They are the kind of company that I would like to do more business with, but probably won’t have to.

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