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5 Year Warranty covers all Air Head Composting Toilets

Includes the “Air Head” Composting Toilet unit pictured along with:

  • Solids tank lid
  • Fan
  • Fan housing
  • Detachable crank handle
  • Floor mounting brackets
  • Mounting hardware
  • Hose 5′ length
  • Hose connectors
  • Liquid bottle cap
  • Bowl liners (50)
  • Peat brick (USA only)
  • Enzyme (USA only)

Wired for 12 volt. Household adapter available in our shop

Order Your Air Head Composting Toilet

When ordering please specify:

  1. Seat size, (household or marine)
  2. Crank handle side (A or B).  A side is on the left when facing the toilet
  3. Right angle or straight fan housing
  4. Flat Back (standard) or Hull Shape Solids Tank
  5. Bottle size (compact 1-gallon or standard 2-gallon)

Why Do Our Customers Love Air Head?

I keep telling our customers about your (Air Head) system. We now have been using it for 8 years. We are doing the Baja HaHa this year. I’ll make sure to let all the cruisers about AirHeadToilet.

Ari Castano - Advanced Marine Electronics

Thank you for designing such a great product. Airhead is the first boat toilet we have had that didn’t have any odour! My wife loves it. We no longer dump our maceratored sewage into the Georgia Strait, so that feels good as well. We will sing your praises to all we meet…

Norm Gleadow on "Blue Socks" R25

The airhead composting toilet is a fantastic toilet for van life. It’s the best composting toilet on the market.

Clare - Everywhere With Claire

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